• Services Offered

    Personalised professional Technical service in the Conference and Meeting sector

Conference Consultant

Assist you to find the right venue for your  event. Locate and provide the right equipment and technical services to make it all happen.

Technical Director

Look after the smooth technical running of your event in all areas.

Production Services

Pre Show Assistance

Create the PowerPoint background and title slides and hyperlink the presentations so it all goes smoothly on the day.

On Location Live Recording and Live to Screen

We can both record your event and have your presenter on the main screens so that they can be both seen and heard.

Photography and Post Event Video Editing

We offer a photography service for your seminar or conference.

Specialized Services

As Queensland Event Manager for Bramshaw ICS we can provide the following:


* Simultaneous Interpretation systems both Infra-red and RF

* Digital microphones both wired as well as Wi-Fi digital

* Audience Response systems allow your audience to provide you with on-the-spot feedback


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